CPU usage
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Process Lasso

Developer Bitsum

This utility dynamically adjusts the processes priority to preserve your system's responsiveness. By default, Windows ...

SysResources Manager

Developer OptWin Software

SysResources Manager provides you with details about your computer’s hardware and resources. The program can be set to start ...


Developer GigaByte Technology, Co. Ltd.

i-Cool adjusts and monitors your CPU usage, fan noise and CPU performance level. It enables PC users to reduce ...

Big Meter Pro

Developer Microsys Com Ltd.

Big Meter Pro is a free CPU, disk, memory and process meter for your Windows desktop. This utility can ...


Developer Eastbow Lab

PMP is a performance monitor for remote Windows servers. You can monitor the real time CPU, memory, disk and network ...

System Monitor II

Developer Igor "Igogo" Bushin

Though many users are satisfied with the information and statistics provided by Windows’ Task Manager, others might find its overall values not ...

Smart High Cpu Usage Fixer Pro

Developer LionSea SoftWare

Smart High Cpu Usage Fixer is designed to provide the user's computer system with better optimization, which helps you manage startup items ...

Active CPU

Developer SmartLine, Inc.

Active CPU 1.0 is a utility that draws CPU usage graphs and display the percent used of the CPU power and it looks exactly like the CPU ...

Clean MemXP

Developer Fotis

Clean MemXP is a system utility for watching the current state of the system such as CPU usage, RAM and Virtual RAM ...


Developer Outer Technologies

CPUUsage is a small and easy-to-use program for keeping track of your CPU load. It displays the CPU load in percentage as a tray ...

CPU Indicator

Developer PY Software, Inc.

Shows Win 95 CPU usage like Win NT. It can be accessed from within taskbar tray and allowing you to see CPU usage ...

3D CPU Meter

Developer Uchukamen

3D CPU Meter is a small and simple application that shows you the CPU usage. It has a 3D like ...


Developer Emilian Termure

Here are some key features of "EPMon": showing the CPU usage of a single process, shows the entire file path of the running ...

Trayler XP

Developer Jan Ringos

Simple utility, that monitors CPU usage, physical memory usage, keyboard locks and time, and displays it in the ...

CPU Usage

Developer Timo Böhme